Our range meets every need in actuation:

¼ turn Single and Double Acting, pneumatic or hydraulic type until 300 000 Nm

Linear actuators Single and Double Acting, pneumatic or hydraulic type until 600 000 N

Fluids :

  • Instrument Air
  • Instrument Gas
  • Natural Gas
  • Oxygen
  • Mineral Oil
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Water
  • Sea Water

Accessories :

  • Control system on panel or in box
  • Safety tank
  • Manual override (hydraulic pump, handwheel or key)
  • Limit switches box
  • Fire Proofing

Type of services :

  • Simple or composed instrumentation
  • Regulation
  • SMART/HART Regulation and advanced function positioners
  • Fast strokes (less than 1s)
  • SDV, BDV, ESDV, ROV process
  • Line Break
  • Partial stroke test
  • Gas Over Oil

Special conditions :

  • Low temperature (until -60°C)
  • High temperature (until +140°C)
  • Offshore
  • Subsea
  • H2S service
  • Fire Safe / Fire protection
  • Special coatings

Certifications / Qualifications

We produce according to all norms and standards: 

ISO 9001  |  DESP  |  ATEX  |  SIL  |  BS  |  NORSOK
Machining Directive

We have the required equipment to test and inspect our products: benches and assembly tests equipments (blowers, Hydraulic Power Units, torques benches), but also special tools for our workshop and our on-site operations. Upon request, we also provide training and presentations in situ or at our customers’ premises.