Whether for a revamping operation, a five-year maintenance or a unit renovation, SARASIN ACTOR provides turnkey services, we take care of everything !

A trained and experienced team with many accreditations for on-site services, off-shore / on-shore (recent interventions in Nigeria, Congo, Ivory Coast, Korea, Indonesia, Kuwait …). This team has all the necessary equipment to be operational quickly.

We offer replacement of old engines while maintaining the existing valves (many references on GDF SUEZ sites these last 15 years). Thanks to our database built over 30 years, we are able to select new engines for very old valves.
SARASIN ACTOR takes care of everything ! From the preliminary site visit prior to the dismantling / destruction of your old equipement, once replaced, we help you to manage your project.



We manage related operations on site such as civil engineering (concrete bases, crane hire…)
On demand, we study new designs and special products or particular tools and accessories to secure your installation. We have recent references on GDF SUEZ units (valves pits improvements, special grease nipple on gearboxes…)

The documentary work is part of our daily routines for any operation: Security Welcome, PDP, Risk Analysis, PPSPS (GDF SUEZ preparation paper), fire authorisation, craning plan…

On SARASIN ACTOR products, as well as France Operator or others brands products, we provide maintenance contracts and trainings on your site to help you to optimize your production units.

Finally, in an ongoing effort to protect nature, SARASIN ACTOR commits to work with certified partners to recycle all the products and wastes resulting from our interventions.

Staff qualifications
  • HSE – OPPBTP Passport
  • QualifAtex (ATEX equipements)
  • Rescue Worker
  • Fittings qualification (Swagelok / Gyrolok)
  • Electrical qualification
  • Chemical risks
  • Sensigaz
  • BOHU certificate
Staff Tools
  • Vans for after sales services
  • Portable hoist
  • Non sparking tools
  • Personal protective equipments
  • ATEX / IEC hazardous phone
  • Compressor
  • Cement mixer